What are the best bodybuilding supplements for you?

Here are the best bodybuilding supplements for you if you are interested in health care, What is bodybuilding what are bodybuilding supplements? and the most important is how to choose the best bodybuilding supplements for you. we’re here today to answer your questions, you can also read about low-carb Mediterranean diet meal plan Benefits and Drawbacks

The sport of bodybuilding (iron sport and wrestlers) or bodybuilding as it is called in some Arab countries is a show sport that depends on the shape of the sculpted and specific muscles. Oiliness makes the skin look shiny

The sport of bodybuilding appeared for the first time at the beginning of the twenty-first century in London at the hands of a person named (Eugene Sandown) in 1901 AD, who was proud of the shape of his muscular muscles.

Eugene Sandown organized competitions for bodybuilders and arbitrated them

And these competitions were very well received among men who loved building muscles and showing off their bodies

Which helped spread this sport and its transmission to several countries, most notably the United States of America.

Conditions for participation in bodybuilding competitions:

1- Specific measures are required for the muscles in terms of density, shape, and skin color. The muscles must have high density and be sculpted, defined, and clear. Also, the skin must be shiny, as the contestants paint their bodies with an oily substance.

2- Therefore, those who play bodybuilding always need nutritional supplements

Why do they need bodybuilding supplements?

Because the bodybuilder relies on a protein-based diet, the basic element that contains important amino acids for muscle building.

And when a bodybuilder exercises, he strains and destroys his muscles, so he must eat a large amount of protein to rebuild the destroyed muscles and be stronger than before exercise.

Diet for bodybuilders

The best diet for bodybuilders is one that depends mainly on protein in large quantities and smaller amounts of other nutrients such as carbohydrates and vitamins

Whose deficiency in the diet will need to be compensated through nutritional supplements that contain compensatory nutrients. These supplements are considered medicines

So it must Dietary supplements should not be taken without consulting a specialist doctor

The most important types of nutritional supplements:

 1- Multivitamin Packs:( Multivitamin Packs)

Various vitamin packages are considered an essential source of vitamins necessary to compensate the bodybuilder for his daily need for vitamins

Because they have an essential role in the process of muscular recovery, strengthening the immune system and improving blood circulation, in addition to that they help in losing weight

And they are necessary to prevent injuries resulting from lifting. Heavyweights because they help strengthen the joints, and they also stimulate the production of testosterone.

2. Whey Protein

bodybuilding supplements

This dietary supplement contains many easily digestible nutrients

It is taken before and after exercise, and it is made of natural dairy products such as egg proteins and calcium.

Therefore, it is a completely safe food supplement and has no side effects. The daily dose is 30-40 grams

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3- Branched Chain Amino Acids   ( BCAA) :

It is the most commonly used amino acid because it is very safe and has no side effects.

The most suitable daily dose for this product is between 3-5 grams, and it is sufficient to burn fat and treat tired muscle pain, so it is recommended to take it after exercise.

4- L-Creatine:

This amino acid is originally present in the human body mainly and helps to burn fat by increasing the energy produced by the body.

5- Creatine:

Creatine is a substance found naturally in the human body because it is an essential component of muscle cells

So the use of creatine as a nutritional supplement gives the body a large muscle mass without causing an increase in the percentage of fat in the body

So it does not cause weight gain, and the daily dose of it is supposed to be from 5-10 grams

6- Glutamine:

Glutamine helps in protein metabolism and strengthens the immune system and also stimulates the secretion of growth hormones in the body.

The daily dose is about 15 grams divided into three times: 5 grams in the morning, 5 grams before exercise, and 5 grams in the evening.

7- Male hormone stimulators:

This supplement is very important in rebuilding muscles, as it stimulates the production of goosebumps in the body

It is important to know that these stimulants differ from stimulants because they do not disturb the glands of the body and do not disturb the levels of hormones in it

in addition they stimulate the production of hormone and does not contain any additional animal hormones harmful to the human body. shop it

8- Beta-Alanine:

The beta moaning supplement has the same effect as glutamine, in addition to being a nutritional supplement that helps burn fat and lose weight. The daily dose of it is to take 3 grams before exercise, and 3 grams after exercise.

What is the difference between nutritional supplements and steroids?

The difference is very big between nutritional bodybuilding supplements and stimulants because dietary supplements are sourced from food of all kinds.

For example, most protein products are extracted from whey or eggs. Muscle mass gainers also contain large amounts of carbohydrates found in starches. Therefore

They are safe, healthy, completely harmless, and authorized materials. legally from the World Health Organization

As for steroids, the main source of them is animal hormones extracted from animals

Stimulants change the levels of body hormones, such as growth hormone and testosterone, in order to speed up the muscle-rebuilding process.

Most of the stimulants are illegal and should not be circulated in sports clubs and competitions

Unlike healthy nutritional supplements, which are licensed to be sold publicly in all clubs

What is the harm of nutritional supplements?

Of course, there are many benefits to nutritional supplements, but like other medicines, they have side effects, which are:

  1. Sometimes sleep disturbances occur because nutritional supplements contain the stimulant caffeine
  2. Digestive disorders can also occur, such as bloating, diarrhea, or feeling nauseous
  3. Kidney problems and infections can occur due to the inability of the kidneys to fully filter these bodybuilding supplements

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