vitamin c smoothie for a cold

Strong vitamin c smoothie for a cold… a cold’s worse enemy

vitamin c smoothie for a cold

There are some super flu-fighting foods that are full of vitamins and minerals which are required for your well-being. Consuming these foods will not only make you stronger but cut down the amount of time you have to deal with the illness. Meaning, having the flu for a few days instead of a couple of weeks. and immune-boosting such as immune boosting smoothie.

We’ve all grown up believing the amazing benefits of filling your body with vitamin C smoothie is packed for a cold and sore throat when you have a cold.

Haven’t we been in cold and flu season? some people use vitamin c flu fighter smoothie recipes or remedies when they have a sore when you suffering from a sore throat or need a healthy or throats or need a healthy vitamin

We heard it from our parents and pass it on to our own children that this water soluble vitamin smoothie and healthy vitamin boost has magical effects on the cold virus, immune boosting smoothie; reducing the severity and duration of the common cold and favorite cold making us feel better at a time of … well … a time of not feeling too crash hot in cold season. in jan, feb, mar, apr and dec.

vitamin c smoothie for a cold
fruits rich vit c
Since this illness is the cause of many lost hours at the job it is best to nip this problem in the bud before it starts by building your body up with anti-viral foods. Losing hours at work to an occupation that does not pay for vacations, holidays, or sick days makes the overall illness extra miserable.
Below I’ve listed a few important foods to include in your healthy diet that will give you a stronger defense against the flu and other

Do cold smoothies help a sore throat?

smoothie for cold and sore throat. Scientists have recently decided that this is rubbish and boosting your body’s vitamin C smoothie intake will have no effect what-so-ever on colds or flu. Research involving over 11,000 subjects has concluded that taking vitamin c smoothie for a cold and tablets loaded with vitamin daily vitamin regularly will not lessen the risk of catching a cold.

This is also true for eating citrus like oranges fruits or drinking immune boosting citrus smoothie  like orange juice, mango smoothie, bananas , pineapple, cup  green smoothie, avocado, blueberries  that are rich sources of antioxidants and fiber which are immune boosting smoothie and treat cold buster

fruits and citrus that are boosting smoothie recipe that favorite cold remedies

The best advice I could give to those people is to begin a healthy habit of eating foods and immune boosting smoothie, to prevent illness and boost your immune system to make it impossible for germs to live in. In other words, a healthy body requires a consistent diet change of produce, proteins and those complex carbohydrates.

what kind of smoothies are good when you’re sick?

  • vitamin c smoothie recipe ingredients orange smoothie packed with vitamin orange c booster smoothie includes peeled
  •  ginger, coconut loaded with boosting vitamin c and folate.
  • cold pressed ice frozen lemon blend with ginger cups rich antioxidants and vitamin loaded.
  • Greek berries full extra vitamin
  • fruit ingredients like fresh strawberries chunks, spinach, almond, coconut, berries, apple, kiwi green vitamin c smoothie.
  •  vegetables such as carrot smoothies for colds and flu. and kale loaded with antioxidant that are fight cold viruses. 
  • blueberries rich in vitamin that are cold fighting that are answer for: are smoothies good when you have a cold?


If you want to stop the infections from infesting your body as immune boosting smoothies for colds, and have stronger immunity you must get plenty of it. You can find triple Vitamin C in Black Currants and oranges as vitamin c smoothie for a cold.

Pure Lemon juice and water are good germ killers that can dissolve the germs at the start. Make yourself a cup of hot water and lemon juice in it to purify your system of any toxins that make you susceptible to viruses. Grapefruit juice is another citrus fruit to help you fight dangerous viruses like the flu. And also another use of vitamin c smoothie for skin.

However, do not use this if you are on prescription medication. Grapefruits can cause toxic reactions especially with heart, blood pressure, AIDS, psychiatric and others medicines. Check with your doctor or pharmacist. Brussel Sprouts are good bitter vegetables full of vitamin c smoothie benefits and cancer fighting glucosinolates.
Potatoes are full of fiber and potassium along with Vitamin C especially with the skin. Remember to not soak your potatoes in water in order to preserve the vitamins.

Don’t listen to them … I can help. I can … honest!’

The results of the study, published in the respected medical journal Cochrane Library, found that people taking a dose of vitamin C in fruits orange and mango, banana,  equal to four times the amount found in the average shop bought supplement, were only around 2 per cent less likely to catch a cold. and improve immune.

The duration of the virus was also under scrutiny, with the vitamin C takers showing only a marginal improvement in the length of time the cold stuck around. The average person will generally suffer from common colds for around 12 days each year, taking copious amounts of vitamin C only reduced this by one day to 11 like oranges,  and peeled banana, packed milk and yogurt also good for immunity boost.

vitamin c smoothie
vitamin c smoothie for a cold

A pretty negligible reduction.

Apparently, taking vitamin C supplements when symptoms first occur, with a view to aiding recovery was basically a waste of time and money. Alternatively, vitamin C was of more benefit to marathon runners, skiers and people in the Arctic … all people who are under great stress.

Don’t panic, though, taking supplements won’t do any harm and if you really believe they can work then the old “mind over matter” principle will kick in and help you feel better.

What did they say about vitamin C

A leading microbiologist Hugh Pennington wasn’t surprised by these results. “I am not surprised they found that vitamin C was no help,” he said, “I think that the public’s faith in vitamins is slightly misplaced. If you want to take orange juice and it makes you feel good, so much the better. But it isn’t going to make your cold go away any quicker.”

“I don’t think there is any remedy out there that would do anything for colds better than natural fruits like oranges, mangoes, and pineapples because they boost the immune system.”

Cold and flue causes and symptoms

“Colds are caused by many different viruses. By the time you have got a runny nose, fever or sore throat it is probably a bit on the late side, even if there was something that would work. You’ve really just got to stick it out.”

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