The best detox body wrap spa treatment effective way to detox

detox body wrap spa treatment, HealthyLine Thermal Foil Sauna Blanket

detox body wrap spa treatment has long been used as a detox treatment at spas and health clinics, but there are a few distinct treatments that can also help you lose weight. The main goal of a body wrap is to increase circulation in your muscles and open up the skin’s pores; if the wrap contains herbal infusions and oil, these can easily seep into the skin to give you that refreshing glow

detox body wrap spa treatment

However, some of these oils and ingredients can also help reduce bloating, loosen toxins in the body, and can even reduce the visibility of cellulite. The result? Firmer skin tone and a few inches and pounds off your frame. If you’re heading to the spa or wellness center for a body wrap or treatment, here are your best bets for shaving off a few inches in the process:

Mineral Body Wraps for Weight Loss

Mineral body wraps are designed to detoxify and cleanse the body inside and out, and reportedly tighten and tone the skin in the process. By making the skin more supple and smooth, cellulite seems to disappear.

Body and Soul Spa in Arizona specializes in a Slenderizing Mineral Body Wrap that guarantees a weight loss of 8-30 inches after just one session. Call (480) 368-0022 for more information.

detox body wrap spa treatment
detox body wrap

Lipase Body Wraps for Weight Loss

Suddenly Slender is a franchise specializing in body wraps and treatments to tighten and tone the body. The Lipase detox body wrap spa treatment is a two-step treatment that aims to break down the appearance of fat near the skin’s surface by wrapping the body in an enzyme solution, followed by a second bandage soaked in a mineral solution.

The entire treatment is designed to remove ‘hard fat tissue’ from the body during the first phase, then soften and tone the skin during the second phase. Call (800) 221-6793 for more information

Heat Body Wraps for Weight Loss

Instead of wrapping yourself in blankets and towels to stimulate the skin and cells, a dry heat body wrap is another option for firming and toning the skin. Bella Fontana Spa is a medical spa in Sherman, Texas that specializes in a variety of body spa treatments, facials, and massage therapy.

detox body wrap spa treatments here are delivered in the Hydrotherm3, a capsule that surrounds the body with heat and steam, and delivers a hydromassage in the process. The Thermal Detoxifying Treatment at this spa is designed to slim down and tone the body by increasing circulation and detoxifying the body.

European detox body wrap spa treatment for Weight Loss

If you’re looking for an intensive head-to-toe treatment that reduces the appearance of stretch marks and leaves skin super smooth and silky, a European body wrap may be your best choice.

Calistoga Golden Haven Hot Springs Spa in California offers a premium European detox body wrap spa treatment that promises a loss of between 6-28 inches and a reduction of cellulite and stretch marks. You’re left with tight, firm, and younger-looking skin, and the entire process takes 2 � hours; call (707) 942-8000 for more information.

From steam wraps to mineral infusions, there are a number of specialized body wraps and treatments that may just help you shave off some inches and drop a few pounds.

While detox body wrap benefits vary by individual, the average amount lost is between 10-15 inches but the weight will come back on after a few days; at the very least, you’ll be able to squeeze into your ‘skinny jeans’ for the day.

bead mask detox
bead mask detox

my method with body wrap spa treatment

Do it yourself Detox body wrap – No need to spend the big bucks at a spa having a stranger look at you in your skivvies. The full spa experience can be achieved in your own bathroom. We will start
with a cool shower.

I cool shower will not irritate the skin like a hot shower. You need to use a mild soap like “Dove” and do not scrub your skin. When you take a HOT shower and scrub your body and face your skin will think it needs to produce oil to moisturize itself and this causes skin blemishes in some people.

Once the skin is clean, pat not rub your face, and dry the rest of your body. Now you are ready to start. I have discovered that the home spa body wrap is just as relaxing and beneficial as a professional body wrap.

cheap and easy way to do it yourself

The detox body wrap spa treatment is very expensive at a spa but I can show you a cheap and easy way to do it yourself. First, go to your local drugstore and purchase five to seven ace bandages (depending on your body size).

You will need to get the 4″ wraps for your legs and torso and smaller ace bandages can be used for your arms. The lotion is an important ingredient in this process. Any lotion will work but I use a thick extra moisturizing lotion with sea kelp.

Measure your thighs, waist, chest, and arms before you begin. You will need these measurements to view your progress.


you need to take your ace bandages out of the package but do not unroll them. Get your biggest pot in the kitchen(or two) and fill it halfway full of water and start boiling. After the water boils, drop the ace bandage rolls into the hot water and turn the heat off.

While the bandages are soaking you need to “put the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again”…haha I just had to say that, but really, Rub the lotion on the entire surface of your body that you plan on wrapping. It needs to be fairly thick but not to the point of dripping.

The lotion will soak in and that’s ok, do not reapply. Use tongs to remove one roll at a time and set it on a dry towel. Once the roll is just cool enough to touch you can start the possess.

Start at the calf and begin to unroll the bandage around your leg like you would if you had a sprain. Keep repeating this process until the desired area is covered. After your body is wrapped in the hot bandages you will need to produce some sweat.

I suggest putting on your favorite “Sweating to the Oldies” DVD or getting on your treadmill and getting to work. You MUST keep yourself hydrated during this possess. Drink water as you work out. Depending on your health you can do your aerobics for 20 to 35 min.

After your work out unwrap yourself. You can reuse the bandages over and over again, just wash them. Take a dry towel and remove the sweat and lotion.

Now you can measure yourself. Make sure you measure yourself in the same spot as the first time. Write down the new measurements next to the old ones and enjoy your results. You can do this detox body wrap spa treatment once to twice a week.

As with any physical activity you need to consult your doctor before beginning a new routine.

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