Slatkin Fragrance Oil

New Great Bath and Body, Slatkin Fragrance Oil

Bath and Body Works Slatkin Fragrance Oil

Christmas is in the air, literately; over at Bath and Body Works they have released the Christmas goods, and now it is a free for all, first come first served, fight to the best product on the shelf, some of this products include essential oils as otomi tea tree oil and intello oil as a brain gain supplement.

Slatkin Fragrance Oil
Slatkin Fragrance Oil

Not necessarily, Bath and Body Works will be carrying their winter line of products till the season has passed. This weekend I went in hoping to get my hands on a few of the 3 in 1’s from Temptations that I couldn’t get last week.

Sadly, they were all out. I was hoping to get Gingerbread, but…

Slatkin Fragrance Oil

On the counter though in the middle of the store was a nice display of Christmas scents that I must have missed last time I was in. The first product I picked up was a fragrance oil from Slatkin & Co. I have grown fond of these mini bottles of oil ever since I discovered Sensual Amber in a fragrance oil.

This oil was labeled ‘Tree’. I knew right away what it was going to smell like; it was going to smell like Christmas trees. I wondered though how close to the real thing Slatkin & Co had gotten to capturing the true essence of the Christmas tree smell.

I opened the Slatkin Fragrance Oil bottle as a snotty store clerk began eying me up. Grrrr!

Tree by Slatkin & Co smelled just like a freaking Christmas tree. It smelled as if someone had just snapped a branch under my nose. I smelled Christmas! I was in love.

product description

  • Slatkin & Co. Home Fragrance Oil Leaves Autumnal notes of golden quencher, juicy public servant and red succulent apple are paired with heated cinnamon stick, milled cider spices and lately gathered red berries.
  • Created by world- famed home scent expert, Harry Slatkin * Contains the outside attention of the finest quality scent canvases * The fastest way to scent your home
essential oil
great smell

Beautiful fragrant scent

I have smelled Christmas tree scented candles and oils before, but nothing took the cake quite like Tree by Slatkin & Co. It was 100% realistic, nothing fake about it. This company managed to rob the juices of a Christmas tree, and they bottled it up! They had to in order to create such a realistic scent!

Oh my, this fragrance is wonderfully outdoors. must be oil from the real tree, plus a little

This product is wonderful at Christmas time. It scent’s the air with this amazing fragrance that makes everyone feel a part of the season. The only problem is that it is ridiculously overpriced.

This is a very true scent especially for Christmas time but can be used all year round. Purchased this to refresh some beautiful potpourri I had saved.

I love Slatkin fragrance oils and candles. Wish Bath & Body would go back to them. They are so much more fragrant. Love this at Christmas but use all winter long. Have received positive comments from visitors.

The fragrance oil ran me seemed like a sweet deal. I could not wait to get home and burn this one up.  shop it now

The bottle of Slatkin Fragrance Oil comes with 0.33 ounces of oil. There is enough oil basically to last all season if you use it sporadically. If you really love the scent though I would recommend buying two bottles or more, because this is a limited edition scent, and once the season is over, the scent will no longer be found in stores.

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