Raw Energy

What Is The Original Source Of Raw Energy In The Food You Eat?

The Life Force, Raw Energy

Humans as well as all species’ natural diet from the earliest documentation was comprised of raw, living foods; fruits and vegetation to be exact forms of raw energy and strong source of natural supplements. From records most likely depicted in some type of glyph, the entire animal kingdom feasted from a lush global rainforest. There has been information alluding to this in the Bible, ancient herbology data, and other extractions of verbiage where this was most likely and highly probable dating back thousands upon thousands of years ago. Certainly, it is somewhere in our cellular memory. We need only to tap into this to see more clearly just how this appeared.

Raw Energy

history of diet

Scientists confirm today that prehistoric creatures all consumed vegetation. The sharp pointed teeth which most attribute to carnivorous consumption were more accurately and in greater consideration used to tear and Nash branches. The fleshy, moist pulp of the tree which held great nutritional and therapeutic qualities and protected in the perfect environment. The trees standing today basically dried throughout and grow a protective covering which we refer to as bark. Prehistoric life that uncovered through earth excavation, shows the enormity of these creatures, which also alludes to the impossibility of moving at any great speed to obtain prey for raw energy.

This brings us back to planetary herbivores. Longevity, stamina, peacefulness, and flowing had to have been the behavior of these eras. Which still exist to some small degree and in some very isolated and remote places on the planet as of this writing, certainly not to compare with that which was once the norm.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh live vegetables fruits and other wholesome ingredients an raw energy and a life force not available once processed or cooked. The sooner these energies consumed from time of picking or harvest, the greater the integrity and value. apples carrots are rich, the taste is fresh and alive, and the body vibrates at a higher sensitivity, clarity, and loving intensity. These work favorably and not adversely. The body rarely, if ever, tires. This is not to say, “eat raw energy foods and never rest.” Rest and sleep are essential under any circumstance for balanced health.

The body just simply manages to stay fit, alert, sound, and flowing. It becomes and stays more alkaline from fresh live foods keeping freeze dried raw, peaceful, and flowing. The body stays clean from the fiber, nutrient rich from the intelligences that we term vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acid ,as copper proteinate manganese proteinate and essential fatty acids.

Cereals raw energy source 

Grains, nuts, legumes, and seeds which are densely protein are meant for other species a good source of raw energy on the planet rather than human. Much of this really acidic and our alimentary canals too elongated to handle these for optimum health. The higher the protein, the more uric acid formed in the body.  This becomes a struggle to the kidneys, other organs, and finally affects the joints.

The perfect diet

The perfect diet for humankind is any fresh, living, raw fruit and vegetable. Individuals may have difficulty with fruits and vegetables that consider nightshades or form mucus in the body. These not “kissed” by the sun and have a more “dead energy”. Low vibrational personality, making these less appealing to a more lively energetic body and metabolism.


Contrary to today’s tremendous demand of mushrooms of any kind a good source of raw energy, these are fungus and are meant to feed the plant kingdom which in turn feeds us. The therapeutic quality of mushrooms  synthesize through plants and then we are privilege to experience their value. Otherwise, mushrooms mean to stay in the ground to keep the soil balanced.

To put poisonous chemicals and pesticides on these foods and in the environment, destroys the value of the food being ingested as well as the atmosphere, water and other environmental conditions. (food poisoning)These foods are now poisoned and if we consume them, we become poisoned. It is best for the entire global population to discontinue the use of these poisons on food. All creatures mean to consume from the garden, not just humankind, who has become very inhumane and insensitive. Through these practices and toxic internal conditions.


Side Effects 

If we ever exposed to information regarding “urine therapy” we find reference to “drinking from thine own fountain.” This takes on two meanings. The individual wholly adept at being self contain or self sustainable. ‘When the body is totally clean it requires very little from outside of itself. This refers to all degrees of knowledge, wisdom, spirituality and nutrition. It can basically live on air and breathing the energies that at one time surrounded it in the virtual and literal ‘rainforest” or Eden in its origin.

When the body is only consuming living, raw, alkaline fruits and plant life, the urine is as clear and clean as H20 (water) and could reconstrue as its fluid as the body expels or secretes this liquid. This is only advisable when the body is completely. Totally and wholly clean, otherwise the acidity and bacterial buildup or waste now found in the urine which is needing to expelled, will poison the System. A perfectly clear, non-ammonia or absence of an acrid odor which can found in urine would be perfectly fine to reinvest if the individual so chose or found this to be necessary.

When the body returns to its cleanliness from raw, living, organic foods, humans will once again have our clarity, understanding, sensitivity, and life force restored. Blessings for our return to the perfect and truly natural way. This is raw energy life at its highest consciousness, and spirituality regained in its perfect clarity and purity.(food allergy)

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