Ujido Black Ginger Matcha Tablets – Real Black Ginger

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Ujido Black Ginger Matcha Tablets – Real Black Ginger – Real Matcha – Gluten-Free and Keto Friendly – 180 Tablets



Traditionally used as food and medicine in Thailand for over 1,000 years, black ginger is gaining popularity once more in the health and fitness worlds for enhanced stamina, endurance, and recovery. Ujido Black Ginger Matcha Combining with matcha only increases the benefits of both superfoods.

  • JAPANESE HERITAGE – sourced and packed in Uji, Japan – supplied from Tune-emon Takizo’s family farm where Matcha has been produced for almost 200 years
  • HIGH QUALITY – High quality black ginger mixed with real match
  • SHADE GROWN – Grown in Uji, Japan under SHADE as true matcha should be
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Natural ingredients from two super foods in easy to take tablets
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