ouai detox shampoo reviews

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ouai detox shampoo reviews Clarifying Cleanse for Dirt, Oil, Product and Hard Water Buildup. Get Back to Super Clean, Soft and Refreshed Locks. (10 oz)




Move over the juice cleanse, it’s time for a hair cleanse. Get rid of product and hard water buildup, dirt, and oil with this 1-2x a week clarifying treatment. Here’s your fresh start, see you next week.

ouai detox shampoo reviews

LIFE CHANGING !!! I’ve been having some trouble with my hair due to what I suspect is hard water. Any other shampoo I use feels like it leaves residue in my hair and doesn’t fully wash it. I’ve been so frustrated so I decided to spend a little extra money and get Oaui because everyone was talking about it.

Best choice ever, it leaves your hair feeling soft, smelling great, and completely clean. 10/10 — I’d say get the detox shampoo but skip their conditioner because it’s so so.


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