Moringa Powder Single Origin

PURA VIDA MORINGA Moringa Powder Single Origin Organic Moringa Powder, USDA Organic Moringa Oleifera, Moringa Leaf Powder| Perfect for Smoothies, Recipes and Moringa Tea. 8 oz.

100% USDA Organic Oleifera Moringa Leaf Powder from Nicaragua. Oven-dried at 130 degrees to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients. Our Moringa is NOT Sun or Shade dried as that requires gamma irradiation to kill insects as well as key nutrients. Our Moringa is NOT sourced from India or China



  • PINNACLE OF POTENCY –The ONLY Single Origin Moringa Powder on the market. USDA Organic Moringa, 100% hand peeled and handpicked at the peak of potency from VIRGIN, NUTRIENT-RICH Volcanic Soil from a SINGLE FARM in the Nicaraguan foothills. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED.

Moringa Powder Single Origin is grown in virgin nutrient-rich volcanic ash soil. Gently dried in a State-of-the-Art facility to preserve enzymes & nutrients. Packaged on site within a few hours of harvesting to ensure Moringa’s plethora of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants remain intact.


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