MELAO Hot Cream Belly Firming

11,00 $

MELAO Hot Cream Belly Firming-MELAO Hot Cream Slimming Anti Cellulite Belly Firming Body Tummy Fat Burning Ginger Sweat Massage Gel Weight Lose Shaping Waist


You’ll love MELAO Hot Cream Belly Firming: The melao hot cream is designed to help you burn fat and keep your body healthy. it can be used as a slimming shaper for women, or as a gift for your friends and family.

came in with really good protection and wrapped very well… looks just like the picture. I have not tried yet but will add additional review after trying it out

update! I briefly apply to my tummy and thighs and I can feel the warmth, I went for a short run and walk the burning continues which i really like. I am sure it will do something to my concern areas…lol … it looks like yogurt and smells good like peach yogurt 🙂


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