Lovebug feeling of nausea upset stomach codycross

Lovebug Award Winning Maximum Strength | Rebuild & Restore Immune and Digestive Microbiome | 10 Clinically Studied Strains for Constipation, Diarrhea…


I was having bloating and acidity with some digestion issues. I took these probiotics along with diet changes which helped me a lot in relieving my symptoms of feeling of nausea upset stomach codycross.

I observe changes in overall gut health. I need to use it a little more to see further benefits. Another important and good thing is that this product is free of allergens and it is NON-GMO which is very important!

Lovebug was recommended by a friend for both my kids and me to boost immunity so we tried the Women’s, Kids, and Toddler versions. It’s been nearly 2 weeks and my digestion was VERY off the whole time- bubbly, gasy.

I switched to a different brand today and it’s already improving. Lovebug is a hard no forfeeling of nausea upset stomach codycross.


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