CARB BLOCK ULTRA Starch Blocker Diet Pill

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I’ve been on Starch Blocker Diet Pill for about three years and it works for me. it’s not magic and you have to do your part but I sure can tell when I don’t take it for a while. it really helps keep my weight in check.



For all of you hollering about where the ingredients put on your granny glasses look at the last photo, it says kidney beans which is a natural carb blocker.

I did this with Starch Blocker Diet Pill and I used Ardyss vedette(which started off tight then became too big) 235 to 180 in 6 months. When I cheated and ate Any carbs I took them. When you eat too many carbs you will doo-doo.

I also took chitosan when I was greedy and snuck burger pizza steak anything high in the day. Again if you eat too much fat you will. Fast forward a year 155 were maintained.

I keep taking the Starch Blocker Diet Pill and chitosan. (you can’t be good all the time) the lipo6 and vedette will make you see sweat more and you lose weight faster


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