AntiAging Vitamin C Cream

13,00 $

Matrixyl 3000 Peptide Hyaluronic Acid Retinol Collagen AntiAging Vitamin C Cream

Good moisturizer for dry skin, no scent, and absorbs really well. Seems like helping to lighten up the face tone and dark spots. You need a very small amount, its a really nice and smooth texture. Good under make up and like a night cream as well. I personally would like more of a whitening effect, but as “all in one” the cream is well worth the money.

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After MONTHS of using AntiAging Vitamin C Cream, the dark circles under my eyes remain. They did not even get lighter. I did not expect them to disappear completely, but a little lighter would have been nice.

I do not know who they used for the picture, (which made me buy it), but it does NOT work on dark circles. I checked “no” to both good quality and good value since it did not work for me. No matter how inexpensive something is if it does not work it is not of good value and if the ingredients do not work toward the claim, I cannot say the quality is good.


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