penicillin antibiotic alternatives

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penicillin antibiotic

penicillin antibiotic

The group of antibiotics (penicillin) is considered one of the safest antibiotics due to the lack of side effects and its effective effect. The sensitivity and resistance of the body to these antibiotics may be the only obstacles against these antibiotics so you should search about penicillin antibiotic alternatives also penicillin related to anti-microbial 

The penicillin group is very widespread and diversified, as there are about 8 typesfrom witch

  • Benzyl penicillin(penicillin G) It is used in treatment of meningitis, It is called aqueous penicillin, it is affected by stomach acid, so it is injected intravenously or intramuscularly. It does not result in allergy, and the injection is not divided because it is unstable.
  • phenoxy-methyl penicillin used in treatment of pharyngitis 
  • benzathine penicillin treatment of Rheumatic fever
  • ampicillin 
  • amoxicillin 

penicillin antibiotic alternatives


The mechanism of action of penicillin antibiotic takes place by inhibiting the action of an enzyme by binding to protein in trans peptidase  and activating the action of the autolysin enzyme, which allows the cell wall to be broken, so it absorbs water, which causes an explosion of the cell wall

The presence of penicillin in human cell walls is considered very safe and does not cause any bad side effects

Some bacteria have the ability to synthesize enzymes that inactivate penicillin by opening the β-lactam ring of penicillin, the β-lactamase (or penicillinase). To overcome this problem, β-lactamase-inhibitors should be given at the same time when prescribing simple penicillin.

penicillin antibiotic allergy 

It is not yet clear why some people are sensitive to penicillin antibiotic without each other, and it is believed that heredity plays a role in this, but we know that we are not born allergic to penicillin, as it only appears when this drug is given. After that, further exposure to penicillin or other related drugs triggers an allergic reaction. Where your immune system perceives the drug as a harmful agent instead of a beneficial drug, and your body forms antibodies that attack the drug

  • itching
  • Skin rash
  • Itching in the eyes
  • Swelling of the lips, tongue, or face
  • To whistle while breathing
  • Difficulty pronouncing
  • fast or weak pulse
  • Blue skin, nails, and lips
  • diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting

protection against allergy

Avoid penicillin antibiotic if you think you might be allergic to it. However, sometimes giving penicillin is a must. Then, a skin test must be done. If your sensitivity to it is proven, the patient undergoes what is called desensitization, where the patient is given doses of penicillin that are gradually increased. This process continues until you stop taking the medicine. If you need it again, you will undergo the same process again. This process takes a day or two, but it does not work in all cases and the reason for that is unknown.

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