Orovo Diet Pills reviews

Orovo diet pills

Orovo diet pills

Orovo diet pills are marketed as not only a fat burner but also promising to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. They seem to be the ultimate product to look young and lose weight, helping dieters look and feel great as they discover the fountain of youth. Orovo diet pills contain a number of ingredients that have been identified as ‘super foods’ and are promoted as natural weight loss products with miraculous effects. But what makes these pills so unique, and are they really as effective or even safe as the company claims?

Orovo Diet Pills: The Basics

Orovo diet pills heavily rely on the now-popular topic of superfoods that can combat the signs of aging and promote good health. The company suggests that the high level of antioxidants, DMAE, green tea, and other key ingredients in Orovo pills can help promote weight loss and reduce wrinkles, acne, and other problems associated with aging. Shop

Orovo diet pills
diet pills

Key Ingredients in Orovo Diet Pills

Orovo diet pills contain extracts of Barley juice powder, acai, cayenne pepper, buckwheat pepper, flaxseed powder, alfalfa sprout extract, green tea (50% caffeine), DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Idebenone amongst others.

The proprietary blend is what makes Orovo stand apart from other diet pills on the market. However, the entire marketing message rests on the theory of superfoods, and the Orovo.com website quotes dozens of medical journal excerpts to support its claims.

The only problem is, these reports support the actual ingredients such as Flaxseed, Acai, Cayenne Pepper, and Soy. This information has been available for years for the individual ingredients, but there are no reports or clinical studies available regarding the actual use of Orovo diet pills.

Despite the giant list of medical journal excerpts supporting the benefits of each superfood, there is no evidence to suggest that Orovo diet pills themselves offer the same benefit. Orovo diet pills have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and there is no indication that the pills are safe for all people.

Diet pills with high concentrations of caffeine – Orovo contains 150 mg per serving, the equivalent of about two large cups of coffee. For those who are sensitive to caffeine, this can be detrimental to health. Orovo does offer a stimulant-free formula, but in both cases, there is not substantial proof that these pills can in fact promote fat burning.

Other Information About Orovo

Orovo pills are not the only product available from the company that manufactures them. Orovo, LLC promotes its ‘Associates’ program to encourage people to sell the product themselves both online and offline.

Other weight loss products include:

  1. Orovo Detox – designed to remove toxins from the body and also help achieve weight loss
  2. Anevva – a chemical-free gel that promises to fight acne ‘within 5 seconds
  3. ExfoZit – an all-natural facial scrub
  4. Acne Treatment Kit – a three-step system to help fight acne
  5. Other diet pills and supplements: products such as Alpha T-1 (designed to mimic anabolic steroids), NeuroXplode (a pre-workout drink), and LipoSeduction 2250 (allows dieters to indulge in a ‘cheat meal’ without the guilt).

Orovo pills retail for $80.00 per bottle, while the Orovo Detox retail for $89.95; a significant sum when compared to other diet pills on the market today. Orovo Associates do qualify for a 50% discount where the pills are distributed via an auto-ship program.

Orovo Diet Pills reviews:

As with the thousands of diet pills on the market, Orovo is a risk for all dieters. The supplements contain a powerful mix of ingredients that are found in a number of weight loss pills today, but there is no conclusive evidence that these ingredients have any effect on weight loss at all.

Overall, Orovo may be just another diet pill sales scheme to promote overpriced products to a market that is always hungry for the latest fad.

I tried these as well. I wasn’t impressed. I canceled my auto-ship and returned the last bottle I received. Their site says they will refund your money within 60 days if you return the unopened product. Good luck! I returned mine the day it arrived, and get a different story every day.

First, they said the package was opened. Now they are saying they never received it. (I wonder how they knew it was open??) I sent the tracking info with the delivery confirmation, and now they aren’t responding. I suspect they can’t afford to return my money because their product tanked and they are broke. Any reputable company would honor their guarantee, and Orovo won’t. For me, that says it all.

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