Olay Vitamins Daily Energy Pack review

Olay Vitamins Daily Energy Pack

Great ingredients and great benefits

I bought the Olay Vitamins Daily Energy Pack after I decided to get a little more healthy in my lifestyle. After using the Olay Vitamins Daily Energy Pack for a few weeks I can honestly say this is one of my favorite beauty products on the market today.

Great ingredients that do most of the body’s functions such as strengthening the immune system, protecting against pressure and cholesterol diseases, and generally maintaining body health

The Olay Vitamins Daily Energy Pack consists of:

Olay Vitamins Daily Energy Pack
Olay Vitamins Daily Energy Pack

It is a combination of Vitamins and minerals all packaged together. I specifically bought this product because it had the word energy on the box. I also trust the Olay name after years of using their moisturizers and soaps.

You get a 30-day supply of the Vitamins in each box. A box of Olay Vitamins Daily Energy Packs will cost you about $14, depending on where you u live. So basically, you get a well-thought-out dose of daily vitamins for a month that cost you about 50 cents a day.

The Ginseng Benefits

The Ginseng in the Olay Vitamins Daily Energy Pack is obviously one of the main sources of energy in the pack of vitamins. I personally like ginseng tea and know that it really does give you energy, so I was happy to try this in pill form.

  • Ginseng is widely known in the field of alternative medicine, containing nutrients, with many therapeutic properties, some of which are rumored to benefit sexual health.The reason is because of its large ability to improve oxygen-laden blood flow throughout the body, including the genitals
  • Ginseng helps boost fertility in infertile men, thanks to its active role in increasing levels of masculine hormone “testosterone”, whose lack in the body is associated with sex impairment

Other great vitamins

There is also a small B12 pill in the Olay Vitamins Daily Energy Pack. Vitamin B is also a great source of energy. The multivitamin in the Olay Vitamins Daily Energy Pack review is one of the smaller multivitamins I have ever taken. Even though the size of the multivitamin is small, it still has a ton of vitamins in it. Too many for me to list here, but they are listed on the side of the Olay VitaminsDaily Energy Pack.

shop free natural supplements
shop free natural supplements

I often can not swallow larger multivitamins and have to cut them in half. Not so with this multivitamin. It does have that same yucky smell and taste though.


Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) auxiliary enzyme is an antioxidant naturally produced by the human body. The enzyme assists the body’s cells in growth and regeneration

  • As an antioxidant, Q10 protects the body’s cells by neutralizing free radicals. Some scientists suggest a link between a lack of Q10 levels and heart disease and cancer.
  • The body gets the Q10 auxiliary enzyme from meat, fish, and whole grains. But because the amount of Q10 found in these nutrients is not enough to significantly increase the levels of Q10 in the body.
  • Experts, therefore, recommend taking Q10 as a dietary supplement in the body and capsules, tablets, and an IV solution. The Q10 auxiliary enzyme helps treat some heart disease, also headaches and Parkinson’s disease
  • the CoQ10 in the Olay Vitamins Daily Energy Pack is the third source of energy in this vitamin pack. It comes in an easy-to-digest liquid gel pill, just like the ginseng pill.
  • Overall I really do like the Olay Vitamins Daily Energy Pack because it is so easy to take at breakfast. It is quick, the combination of vitamins is planned out for you, and it works. Simple, easy, and a great value. I have even started drinking less coffee.

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