Great Nutritional Value Of Prunes

nutritional value of prunes

Let’s talk about another great nutritional value, it is a type of fruit the health benefits of peaches and plum, It is eaten fresh or dried like dates or drink as juice the prunes nutrition facts.

Health benefits of plums and  diet

nutritional value of prunes 418 calories per 174 g serving which are a great source of vitamin such as vitamin C and vitamin b12. 0.0. mcg and minerals salts such as potassium, as well as prunes are a great source very beneficial dietary fiber that supports heart . prune have other positive effects such as maintain blood sugar as cholesterol and relieves constipation.
Nutritional value in prunes, it is rich in amino acids that is source of protein and also contain a percent of fat, fiber and carbohydrates that are source of good sugar that are low in calories and nutritious a good energy source, also its very rich in antioxidants. prunes and prune juice effects even beyond their impressive nutritional.
nutritional value of prunes
A plum is a close relative of cherries, peaches, and almonds while a peach is a variety or type of plum. Most plums have red skins when ripe, but peaches have blue or purple skins when ripe. Plums are oval in shape while other types of peaches are either heart-shaped or round in shape. Plum are usually dried or made into lemonade while other types of plums are often eaten fresh.

what are the benefits of eating prunes?

  • They contain many strong types of different vitamins and minerals, in addition to soluble fibers, pectin and antioxidants, such as polyphenols, which are necessary to preserve body tissues and bones and prevent damage of cells, which support heart and how much they resist diabetes and work against cancer.
  • Reducing the symptoms of constipation due to the high percentage of fibers and aid in digestion
  • Reducing blood sugar levels because it contains adiponectin cans, prebiotics
  • Promoting bone health for its richness in antioxidants compounds
  • gastrointestinal health to bone preservation of Osteoporosis.
  • excellent source of common macronutrients like potassium, iron, calcium, sodium, zinc, copper and vitamin B essential in body activity, prunes have other positive effects also from the health benefits of prunes Boosts the immune system due to vitamin c 
  • Loss of excess weight due to the richness of plums in dietary fiber, which helps to curb appetite
  • Improve the health of the nervous system, due to the fact that plums contain vitamin B6 and a group of nutrients that may help improve the functioning of nerve cells
  • that are the most benefits benefits of plums and prunes

How many prunes in 100 grams

the delicious prunes is high in nutritional value of prunes due to the high of total serving of nutritious fibers amounts and carbs calories ,nutrition facts 3 g fiber (11% daily value) daily value copy link so what happens if you eat prunes everyday?

what happens if you eat prunes everyday?

  • Digestive disorders may appear in people with irritable bowel syndrome, such as: flatulence, flatulence, and diarrhea.
  • Health complications in people with kidney or gallbladder disease due to prunes side effects rather than nutritional value of prunes the delicious prunes eating pitted prunes at night.

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