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Night Eating Syndrome, Longevity and Gaining Weight

Eating At Night, Calorie Intake, instinct raw longevity and Gaining Weight

Night eating syndrome, You can look at it any way you like, but I’m one of those people who is against eating large, carbo-loaded foods at night. Some people believe that whatever your caloric intake is throughout the day, you’ll burn the same amount of calorie intake, if you ate most of it in the morning, grazed all day, or had a large dinner. I just believe this overweight people tend to have faster resting metabolisms. read more

Night Eating Syndrome
Eating At Night

Calorie Intake

Different people need different amounts of calorie intake to get them through the day. But many of us consume more than we actually require which essentially equates to becoming overweight. On the opposite end of the spectrum, calorie restriction is defined as consuming only enough calories to fuel your vital systems in order to keep your body alive.

This of course leads to symptoms such as drowsiness, fatigue and earlier burning out from the simplest forms of exercise. But this diet is apparently the only proven way to increase your maximum (not average) lifespan, occurring through lowering cholesterol, fasting glucose, and blood pressure. But who would want a longer life if it means not being able to enjoy the food you love? This mentality is why I’ll never be a model! instinct raw longevity!

Calorie burn

After you’ve eaten a meal, the body needs time to digest, and you burn many more calories moving around, or watching TV (just being awake generally) then if you go straight to bed after dinner. According to Madsci, you burn 73 calories for each hour of sleep. read more about natural supplement

Calorie Intake

burning during sleeping

You can burn double the calories just sitting and talking on the phone. So if you eat dinner earlier, and spend a few hours pottering about before you hit the sack, your dinner will be more thoroughly digested and calories burned off. This method, I believe, is better than eating late and going to bed straight after, if you are interested in weight loss.

You burn 73 calories for each hour of sleep..
If this hypothesis isn’t enough to make you eat earlier, just consider two other reasons why eating later at night is bad for your dietary habits and preventing Night eating syndrome as weight gain.

Night Eating Syndrome, Can Night eating syndrome cause weight gain?

weight gain

1) If you have dinner late, this usually means you haven’t eaten in a while and so you’ll typically eat more. And also due to the lateness, its much easier picking up unhealthy, take away food that’s instantly ready to eat compared to preparing something in the kitchen.

2) Another issue which you should learn to prevent is the thoughtless snacking that can occur throughout the evening. Getting into ice-cream after dinner, and then a packet of chips or popcorn when watching a movie, or biscuits with your evening cup of tea are all sure to add a fair amount of calories to your daily allowance. Especially considering the fact that these after-dinner-snack foods typically have high sugar content.

obesity especially in longevity

Obesity results in many diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and other very serious diseases, as a result of the presence of fat in a large proportion in the body, and other Healthy issues.

Obesity is difficult, especially for the elderly(instinct raw longevity), due to the weakness of their body systems, such as the immune system, the nervous system, and the digestive system. Also, lack of movement helps obesity, which results in less burning of excess fat in the body, which turns into triglyceride fats that are difficult to break down, leading to clogged arteries and leading to heart disease.

How do I stop night time eating?

So like I always say, keep it simple and eat only when you’re hungry to avoid night eating syndrome, and until you’re satisfied – not full. You don’t need a special calculation to determine how much food your body needs (but if you want, use the Basal Metabolic Rate) – just use your common sense, overweight people tend to have faster resting metabolisms and also instinct raw longevity. read more about appetizers

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