Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie curing what

Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie

Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie

Lifeway Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie is quite thick, yet easy to pour. It looks and tastes just like yogurt. All you have to do is shake the plastic bottle and take the cap off and pour it into a glass. Kefir has probiotic bacteria that put my son-in-law’s colon back into balance.

Now that my son-in-law drinks a cupful of Lifeway Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie, he has no more problems with his gastrointestinal tract. The doctor was right when he suggested buying this product.

Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie
Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie

serving size

The serving size is 1 cup, and there are 174 calories in a serving. There are 2 grams of fat, 1.5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of Trans fat, 10 mg of cholesterol, 125 mg of sodium, 3 grams of fibers, 25 grams of carbohydrates, and 14 grams of protein.

If you like yogurt you will love this product. To me, it tastes similar to yogurt and buttermilk mixed together; which I have done before and it was delicious. I suggest that you buy this product because it tastes good, but if you have problems with intestinal gas and or diarrhea, this product just may help you too.

This product is not a medicine, yet it made my son-in-law well because the good germs in this product put his gut back into balance. You can buy Lifeway Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie at most major supermarkets.

product description

Kefir cultured milk smoothie is a nutritious and delicious drink option that is gaining popularity among health enthusiasts. Kefir is a fermented milk product that contains beneficial probiotics, which are known to improve gut health and boost immunity.

When used as a base for smoothies, it adds a tangy, slightly sour flavor that complements the sweetness of fruits and vegetables. By adding a variety of ingredients to kefir smoothies, one can create a nutritious and flavorful drink that is both satisfying and healthy.

the benefits of kefir

the benefits of kefir, its use as a base for smoothies, and the various ingredients that can be added to make a nutritious and delicious drink.

  • Kefir is a fermented milk product that has been used for centuries as a traditional remedy for various ailments.
  • It is made by adding kefir grains to milk and allowing it to ferment for a period of time.
  • Kefir grains are a mixture of bacteria and yeast that form a symbiotic relationship during the fermentation process

Lifeway Kefir cultured milk smoothie review

I never heard of Lifeway Kefir cultured milk smoothie until my son-in-law had to see several doctors to find out what was wrong with him. His regular doctor sent him to a specialist, who felt he had a severe case of colitis. The doc ordered a colonoscopy to be done, but in the meantime, to relieve constant diarrhea, the doctor said to go to the grocery store and pick up a few bottles of Lifeway Kefir cultured milk smoothie.

It took a couple of days for my son-in-law to even think about trying it, because of the words “probiotic” and “cultured.” After those two days of having diarrhea more than 12 times a day, he asked me to try it first.

He wanted me to tell him what it tasted like. Well I did, and I was pleasantly surprised; it tasted just like strawberry yogurt. I poured him an 8-ounce glassful and he drank it. Then later that night I gave him a glassful. His diarrhea stopped just like that.

After going for months having diarrhea 10 or more times a day, he was so happy to finally have normally formed bowel movements again. The Kefir cultured milk smoothie comes in strawberry, raspberry, strawberry-banana, peach, cherry, blueberry, cappuccino, pomegranate, and vanilla.

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