Ideal BMI for tummy tuck, How to calculate BMI?, Food pyramid for energy intake


Ideal BMI for tummy tuck, Food pyramid for energy intake

Ideal BMI for tummy tuck and what is the nutrition? It is the science that combines the relationship between the body and food and the absorption of energy, nutrients and supplies necessary to carry out its physical operations, then the process of digestion and then excretion.

Like child Nutrition: It is concerned with the child’s nutrition, development and nutritional needs as an appropriate food relationship. Eating is like growing up, with a focus on establishing eating habits and calculator BMI for men and women

Good and proper nutrition is necessary for the body’s tissues and structure. Food provides us with the nutrients necessary to achieve balance in the body and ideal BMI for tummy tuck. If the nutrients are reduced, then they result in satisfactory symptoms, and if they are increased, they also lead to satisfactory symptoms.

Proper nutrition for pregnant and lactating women, as well as therapeutic nutrition by eating the patient, the foods that help his body reduce a certain compound in the body, such as fats, salts, sugar.

Other functional foods that provide the body with nutrients that play an important role in fighting diseases such as cancers, high body pressure, and anemia, such as food Contains an amount of iron that fights anemia so you have to know How to calculate BMI?

Common Question!

The rate of need for nutrients depends on factors

  • Body activities such as exercise, running, etc., which increase calorie burning rates
  • Pregnant and lactating women also increase the rate of nutritional needs to provide the child with the nutrients needed for growth
  • The stages of puberty and maturity, as a result of changes in the body, need more
  • Age and gender, the amount of nutrients that a man needs is different from that needed by a woman, and also with increasing age, the rate of the body’s need for nutrients, ideal BMI for tummy tuck decreases due to lack of activity
  • Medicines also have a relationship with the body’s need rate, such as taking severe antibiotics that need larger quantities
  • The mutual effects between nutrients and food components, such as increasing the critical needs of vitamins and minerals B, E, and D in order to eat proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
How to calculate BMI, ideal bmi for tummy tuck

Food Pyramid

food pyramid include nutrients that divided into two groups major nutrients such as( Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Water) and minor nutrients such as(Vitamins, Minerals)

Diversifying food and using the nutrients needed in appropriate quantities, as it is healthy nutrition that benefits the body to supply it with a wide range of all kinds of nutrients such as proteins, fats, grains, water, salts and minerals for ideal BMI for tummy tuck

1)Proteins consist of amino acids and represent about 16% of body weight. The task is to build body tissues, regenerate damaged tissues, heal wounds and burns, and keep the body healthy. Its sources are meat. It is divided into complete protein, which is animal protein that contains amino acids in sufficient quantity, and incomplete protein, which is Vegetable protein does not contain all the amino acids and also in an insufficient amount, and the individual’s need for protein is 1.5 grams per kg of body weight.

food pyramid
food pyramid

2) Carbohydrates that are found at the base of the food pyramid are an essential source in supplying the body with energy and provide the body with glucose. The excess amount turns into fat, so it is recommended to consume the amount that the body needs.

Carbohydrates are transformed in the body into monosaccharides, including glucose in the blood, to be converted into glycogen by increasing its percentage with the help of the hormone insulin. Read more

3) lipids, Which is an important source of thermal energy in the body and also a solvent for fat-soluble vitamins A-D-E-K, that consist of fatty acids, their are two types of fatty acids saturated and non saturated or good and bad Read more

4) fruit and vegetables rich in dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals, Read more about vitamins

5) minerals as Sodium “Na” & Chlorine potassium “K “, Iron Fe ,iodine calcium and phosphorus you can found more

6) Water represents about 60% of the body. If the body loses a large amount of its brain and then does not replace it, then problems of dehydration occur, which acts as an aqueous solution for the blood, transporting the components of digestion and maintaining body temperature. Do you know that you need from one and a half to three liters of water per day?

All these nutrients and more are found in the food pyramid, from which you must provide your body with all nutrients on a daily basis to make your body perform all its functions in a good physiological state and resist diseases

you can find more at:

BMI calculator for men

Energy intake, Ideal BMI for tummy tuck

What is BMI?

Body mass index, it is a measure of body shape that is based on body weight and height it say what a healthy weight range would be for a person’s height? you should know BMI calculator for men, BMI calculator for women and BMI equation for both.

BMI Equation

BMI, Body mass index is body weight divided by height in meters squared =weight (kg)/ (height (m))2. Range from 14.5 to 40 ore more

1- How to calculate BMI? 1- starvation less than 14.5

Some people are exposed to starvation as a result of not eating all the nutrients required by the body in insufficient quantities, which leads to weight loss and makes the body more susceptible to diseases such as anemia.

2- Under Weight from 14.5 to 18

In this case, the body suffices with small quantities of its needs, not as a whole, but the needs to carry out its functions only

3- Normal 18.5-22.5

Here, the diversity in the food items in a proper way, which makes the body consistent with the height, and this means that the consumption rate is very good with the rate of burning calories is the ideal BMI for tummy tuck

4- over weight 23- 27.5

Eating meals in a semi-excessive and irregular manner without resorting to calculating the mass index with the activities carried out by the body results in a slight increase in weight

5- obese 28-40

The most dangerous among them is the result of overeating by increasing the number of meals and increasing the consumption of fast food, fats and oils, which may result in future problems in the heart and blood vessels and diabetes.

Therefore, we have to be fully aware of the food pyramid and nutrients and know what the body needs from them in sufficient quantities, which are not too little or too much, and How to calculate BMI? for an Ideal BMI for tummy tuck.

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