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How to increase appetite

The growth of appetite, and How to increase appetite

The main reason for the increased growth of appetite or satiating stimulants is caused by some of the pathological changes in physical condition that alcohol itself produces in addition to eating food that contains chemicals and alcohol that help open the appetite so you should know how to increase your appetite in a good healthy case

The individual must be fully aware of the functional imbalances that occur within his body to limit the entry of these substances, which may be increased and cause severe damage.

For example, in alcoholic beverages, if someone drinks a glass of wine, he finds himself gradually having an appetite, and he wants another one until he ends up with the whole bottle, and this is because of the percentage of alcohol, which is a strong appetite suppressant.

Some people suffering from somatic diseases, which certainly follow the prolonged contact of alcoholic poison with the sensitive structures of the body, many of which are of a painful character, and shorten the duration of their normal life.

A healthy person with good health does not drink alcoholic beverages

Some people resort to opening their appetite because of their weight loss due to a lack of nutrients that are a source of energy for the body, such as proteins that are important in the growth of body cells and building them, carbohydrates in addition to fats, which their deficiency can cause an imbalance in some body functions
Also, vitamins and minerals responsible for the regeneration of blood cells and support for the immune and digestive systems, and deficiency can cause chronic diseases such as night blindness, bone atrophy and anemia.

Loss of appetite for psychological reasons such as

  • Anxiety, fear, depression, tension and stress
  • Delaying eating meals may be a reason for meals to be reduced until one meal suffices
  • Some diseases such as cancers, tonsillitis, sore throat, stomach and colon
  • Not exercising and smoking.
  • For surgeries such as sleeve gastrectomy and caesarean section
  • Physiological changes associated with pregnancy and the menstrual cycle.

How to increase appetite

some causes of starvation (weight lose)

  • Damage to bones and teeth due to calcium deficiency
  • Damage to some body cells due to protein deficiency
  • Disruption of some body systems, such as the immune system, to affect a person with any disease
  • Deficiency of vitamins D and C causes rickets and scurvy
  • Vitamin B12 and iron deficiency causes anemia
  • night blindness as a deficiency of vitamin A
  • It results in some symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, depression, and joint pain

How to increase appetite ?

First and foremost, awareness of the consequences of weight loss, which may be starvation, such as imbalance in some body systems, and some symptoms such as headache, dizziness, fatigue, poor eyesight, and some diseases such as anemia.

  • Eat your meals regularly, especially breakfast
  • Doing sports permanently
  • stop smoking
  • Eat meals full of nutrients and elements
  • Drinking drinks that help open the appetite, such as herbs, and limiting tea and coffee
  • Stay away from anything that disturbs your mood and stress
  • medical supplements ad vitamins and minerals be away from drugs and other appetizers that may cause bad side effects  

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