hot chocolate run

My New Café Latte Is Hot Chocolate Run

Hot Chocolate Run in my café 

I love Chocolate. There aren’t many people in the world who don’t. Aside from the obvious health benefits of general happiness and sense of well be derive from the daily dosage of chocolate, a good hot chocolate cane enliven your senses and bring fire to your soul like no coffee can.

Let me tell you, the Olmec’s knew what they were doing back in 1500 BC, the oldest known civilization to have first used cacao in hot chocolate run.
When I make it at home, I use chopped up good quality dark chocolate melted in hot full fat milk, with a touch of ground cinnamon and brown sugar. I like Green and Gold’s organic and fair-trade dark chocolate the best for this recipe.

hot chocolate run
Hot chocolate or coffee 

What a splendor it is when you drink hot chocolate, which contains more benefits that benefit the body instead of drinking coffee in abundance, in which the caffeine is high, which makes your body get used to it, and if you do not drink the percentage that the body is accustomed to, you will feel the symptoms of a headache read more 

Here is a list of hot chocolate around Sydney that I find simply irresistible:

Avocado al Chocolate at Ice and Slice on King St, Newtown
The Newtown Gematria and Pizzeria veteran also does a smashing hot chocolate. The avocado is basically a scoop of delicious vanilla gelato drown in a shot of Belgian hot chocolate. Beats the coffee version, hands down.

Hot Chocolate run at Max Brenner on Oxford St, Paddington
You can get dark, milk or white chocolate variation; I prefer the milk chocolate with creamy texture and hints of vanilla. I just love being inside a Max Brenner store and breathing in the nutty, chocolatey aroma that lingers.

Hot Chocolate run at Lindt Chocolate Café in Martin Place, Sydney
A small jar of melted chocolate and hot frothy milk served separately, so that you can tailor the hot chocolate to your liking. Never fails to please.

hot chocolate


  • It contains flavonoids that prevent strokes, coronary heart disease, and cancer
  • Promote heart and arteries health
  • It contains antioxidants that help against many diseases
  • Improve blood cholesterol levels
  • It improves mood and shows properties similar to antidepressants

Best hot chocolate experiences abroad?

Hot Chocolate at City Bakery in New York
The famous hot chocolate served with a square of homemade marshmallow. You can feel your arteries clogging with this one. You can ask for it to dilute with a small amount of milk, but why tamper with perfection? Once in a lifetime, not to miss hot chocolate experience.
Hot Chocolate run at La Duree in Paris
The fabled Parisian tea salons also do a fantastic hot chocolate. Thick, rich and creamy like all good hot chocolates should be, it is the perfect accompaniment to their legendary macaroons

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