gluten sensitivity is an autoimmune condition

gluten sensitivity is an autoimmune condition

Gluten sensitivity is an autoimmune condition

If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, have I got a yummy cookie for you?
Many food companies are realizing how prevalent gluten sensitivity and celiac disease are now, and in order to meet the needs of these people are beginning to offer many gluten-free, and beyond just the basics like bread and crackers.

When following a strict gluten-free diet

It can be difficult to find special treats that taste as good as the “real thing,” but it can be done. More and more companies are producing gluten-free snacks including cookies. So it is no longer necessary to bake your own gluten-free cookies when they are readily available at your local grocery store and definitely satisfy that craving for a sweet treat! These cookies are also great to bring to parties or to serve as dessert when you have company over for dinner.
gluten sensitivity is an autoimmune condition
gluten sensitivity is an autoimmune condition
There are actually many delicious foods and cookies available. Glutino is a company that offers tons of gluten-free choices, including Vanilla Dreams Cookies. I tried these and have since purchased more than a few boxes of gluten free pop tarts.

Glutino Gluten-Free Vanilla Dreams Cookies Review: Look and Taste

These cookies are rectangular and look like typical sandwich cookies, two cookies with cream sandwiched in the middle.

The color is light cream with a vanilla cream center. Both the top and bottom cookies are embossed in a decorative way with swirls and the words “Glutino Creams.” They are attractive and would be suitable to serve as a dessert or at a party. They are rather small, though, at approximately 1-1/2 inches long and 1-1/4 inches wide.

They have a crunchy texture and the cream inside is thick and sweet. They really do not taste much different than a standard “wheat” sandwich cream cookie and are quite delicious and satisfying.

Glutino Gluten-Free Crackers Review: Nutritional Facts

Like most cookies, these have a fair nutrition profile and should probably be used as an occasional snack item. I always look to avoid partially hydrogenated oils and these cookies do not contain any.

They are a bit high in fat at 9 grams of total fat per serving, which includes 4 grams saturated fat, but zero grams trans fat. A serving size is 3 cookies or 36 grams.

There are only 3 servings per container and the cookies are packaged 2 per cellophane wrap and contain 5 separate little packages inside, which is great for popping in a purse or pocket for a quick snack away from home. They contain 12 grams of sugar which is a bit high and no fiber. Carbs are 25 grams with sodium being 75 mg. Some of the main ingredients are cornstarch, vegetable fats, evaporated cane juice, soy flour, and vanilla crumbl cookies gluten free.

Here are some choices for gluten-free cookies that I found to be delicious:

  • Pamela’s Products All Natural Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies.

These cookies are wheat-free, gluten-free, and 0g Trans Fat. These really taste great, like real chocolate chip cookies. Very crispy with lots of mini chocolate chips. They measure about 1-1/4 inches in diameter but the 7 oz. the bag is packed full. It’s a great value at between $3-4 per bag.

Pamela's Products
Pamela’s Products

These cookies are also non-dairy. There’s a recipe on the bag for making ice-cream cookies. These cookies are 140 calories for 5 cookies (28 grams) and contain total fat of 7 grams.

  • Pamela’s Products All Natural Ginger Mini Snapz.

Pamela’s Products has done it again! These are thick, but crisp with a strong ginger flavor and just the right amount of sweetness. They are also wheat-free, gluten-free, 0g Trans Fat and non-dairy.

There are tips on the bag for making a ginger cookie crust for pie and ice-cream sandwiches and crumbl cookies gluten free. Both of Pamela’s Products cookies use rice flour as the base ingredient and contain molasses, brown sugar, cane sugar, and spices. They also contain lots of organic ingredients.

These cookies can be made into crumbs and used as a topping for ice cream or yogurt as well. The Ginger Mini Snapz contains 120 calories for 5 cookies and 4 grams of total fat. An added bonus to purchasing Pamela’s Products cookies is that they donate to Celiac Sprue and Autism Support and Research Organizations.

Glutino Gluten-Free Crackers Review another choice 

Many people have gluten sensitivity is an autoimmune condition and/or celiac disease. Glutino is one such company that offers many gluten-free choices. Some gluten-free products can be very dry without much flavor. I tried Glutino Gluten-Free Crackers to see how they measure up to the taste and function of regular crackers.

These crackers look similar to Ritz crackers. They are round and approximately 2 inches in diameter. The edges are scalloped. They have a buttery-yellow color with small perforation dots and the word “Glutino” embossed on the top.

They are attractive and would be suitable to offer to guests as an appetizer item. The feel is crispy but with a thickness to it, not brittle. The taste is very good. They are, again, similar to a Ritz cracker but without sweetness. They have a slightly salty, slightly buttery flavor but not overpowering.

Glutino Gluten-Free Crackers Review: Nutritional Facts

These crackers have a fair nutrition profile. I always look to avoid polyhydrogenated oils and high-salt content. These crackers measure up on both of these counts. They are low in fat at 2 grams per serving, which is 4 crackers. Calories 70 and cholesterol 5 mg.

shop free natural supplements
shop free natural supplements

The sodium is a little higher than I would like at 120 mg per serving. They also contain no fiber and very little protein at less than 1 gram. The main ingredients are cornstarch, rice flour, and eggs. Overall, they do not add a lot of nutrition, but they are valuable as a good base for adding proteins such as tuna, turkey, and ham to make a nutritious meal or snack.

They also make a good base for vegetable dips such as spinach dip and would make a good base for many appetizers including crab meat, avocado, cream cheese, or cheddar cheese as toppings.

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