Does Diet Soda Result in Weight Gain Problems?

Does Diet Soda Result in Weight Gain

Does Diet Soda Result in Weight Gain?

Although many areas of life seem to always be gripped by rumors and myths, perhaps one area, which seems to get the most consistent attention is that of food. Nearly every day we are greeted with more and more myths regarding the foods that we enjoy eating on a daily basis.

Does Diet Soda Result in Weight Gain
Does Diet Soda Result in Weight Gain

From the many negative health effects of French fries, to the deadly nature of hot dogs; no matter what the food is, we have found a way to turn it into a nightmare. However, while some of these rumors and true, and some are found to be false, often we can use simple common sense to separate the two. In one of the most recent rumors to grace the internet, this common sense can be especially helpful, and the question we have before us is a simple one: “Can diet soda actually make you gain weight?

Relationship between diet soda and weight gain.

Of course, this does sound like a very strange question. Where would anyone even get this idea?

Well, the answer lies from a group of recent studies and surveys, which found that more diet soda drinkers are overweight than normal soda-like diet moxie soda drinkers. With such compelling evidence as this, we may be led to wonder if there really is a cause-and-effect relationship between diet soda risks and weight gain.

diet soda may be overweight than normal soda

While common sense would say that correlation does not imply causation, let us think logically about why more diet soda drinkers may be overweight than normal soda drinkers. It could be that diet products are designed to be consumed by those who are overweight, or that those who do not feel the need for diet soda simply drink regular soda.

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Even though these answers make a lot of sense, let’s look at the problem scientifically and see if there really is a way, Does Diet Soda Result in Weight Gain? or is there diet soda risks?

While the sugar in soda as a whole can cause weight gain, and diet moxie soda attempts to remove most of that sugar, replacing it with artificial sweeteners, there are still calories that can be found in diet soda. Even taking this into consideration though, there is no reason that diet soda, even if consumed in excess amounts would cause a person to gain weight.

does diet soda cause diabetes

Many people avoid drinking regular soda because they know it causes many health problems. They prefer to drink diet moxie soda instead, thinking it’s healthier. Diet sodas are made with artificial sweeteners and have no calories. People think drinking diet sodas helps with weight loss, but they end up developing health problems. People should stop replacing unhealthy food cravings with healthy habits.

affect on blood sugar levels

bodies and blood sugar levels. Regular soda has high amounts of sugar and calories that contribute to obesity and related diseases. The manufacturing process for regular soda yields acids that cause damage to the teeth.

Diet soda doesn’t have the same manufacturing process, so it doesn’t have the same health risks. However, some users still experience acidic gastric reflux when drinking these beverages. Additionally, diet sodas still contribute to glucose intolerance and other metabolic disorders.
Diabetes is a disease that affects almost 200 million people worldwide. It’s a result of poor blood glucose control- which causes excessive amounts of glucose to enter the blood stream. Diabetes affects both types of blood cells (especially insulin-making cells)

can diet soda cause gout

Gout is a disease characterized by sudden onset of painful attacks. It is a form of arthritis that occurs when the body produces too much uric acid.

can diet soda cause gout
can diet soda cause gout

diet moxie soda is carbonated liquid consumed as a beverage and as a substitute for regular soda. However, many people avoid drinking diet soda due to its health risks.

People with gout may experience increased uric acid levels when they consume diet soda, making their condition worse. This is called secondary gout and can be very painful in and of itself.

Disease description 

Gout is an immune deficiency disease caused by an overproduction of uric acid in the body. The body produces excessive amounts of uric acid when it breaks down foodstuffs. When the body accumulates high levels of uric acid, it produces crystals in joints and soft tissue.

These crystals are known as gouty arthritis and can be painful when they break off and enter the bloodstream. Life expectancy for people with gout is significantly reduced when diagnosed early enough. There are no known curative medical procedures for gout.

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