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the aim of weight loss

Most people who want to lose weight understand the basic process – expend more calories than you take in and you’ll lose weight. Some people are confident that they can research options, choose, implement, and evaluate the success of any weight loss plan themselves, as  dfifferent weight lose programm like Diets Stink while others feel lost and intimidated by all of the available choices and would rather help navigate the weight loss waters. Here are some tips to help determine if you’re a weight loss loner or a weight loss program joiner.

What is health? Is it a diet?

“No,” says Mark Daniel, the founder of a successful health program. He has his own philosophy on health, saying that it consists of eating right, but not necessarily dieting as the use of Diets Stink.

In fact, “Diet connotes severe food restrictions, and that’s not what this is about,” says Daniel.

Daniel co-founded the 45pounds health program in late 2004 with his wife, for their family’s own personal use.

Weight Loss Loners:

Most successful weight loss loners are analytical by nature. They like puzzles and problem-solving. It’s not too overwhelming for them to determine a safe and healthy calorie level, plan an exercise program, and research which foods and activities will get them there.

Weight loss loners will likely even enjoy the process of keeping a food and exercise journal. Loners will likely find charting and analyzing their progress and making any necessary changes to be an enjoyable process. Weight Loss loners are not necessarily loners in real life.

Diets Stink
Diets Stink

They aren’t anti-social, but they are usually more willing and able to motivate themselves and obtain individual support from those closest to them rather than feeling they need to get their support from people who are initially strangers to some to Diets Stink.

Loners often find they are able to fulfill any need of being part of a team or group by joining a team sport – which helps them simultaneously lose weight and reach out to others. The challenge and hard work of going it alone will actually motivate a weight loss loner whereas this process would likely intimidate or overwhelm a weight loss program joiner.

Try healthy lifestyle

He says that living a healthy lifestyle includes education about health. 45pounds develops individual eating programs for its clients that maintain an enjoyable variety of food. They do not promote divulging, though, as balanced eating plays a big role in the program.

“The core of the Diets Stinkis healthy balanced eating from all of the food groups, and education of the parent and child with regards to portion sizes and eating patterns.

There are other aspects to the program, such as our exercise DVD series for kids, and custom exercise plans, but what really makes the program work is the custom meal plan. Each meal plan is custom-made for each [person] based on their profile and preferences. Since Diets Stink is built on the food they like, that makes it easier for them to succeed.”

Furthermore, they provide a wide range of Diets Stink for people, and the list is still growing as it is partially determined by each individual client.

“[We] have done vegetarian plans, kosher plans, gluten-free plans, plans for kids with Downs Syndrome, plans for kids with Autism, and more,” said Daniel.

More importantly, while this diet focuses on changing the lives of children, 45 pounds is built for anyone who wants to have a healthy lifestyle.

According to Daniel, this diet is for “any child or adult who is not within their healthy weight range. Diets Stink works for boys and girls, young and old.”

Diets Stink sounds great, but does it work?

“It really is dramatic, and of course, we have seen it with our own daughter. It’s not just about food, it’s about pride, self-esteem, health, and so many other related topics.”

Weight loss loners often really love the “numbers game” challenge of crunching the calories in / exercise out weight loss formula. It’s very important for weight loss loners to do enough research and gain enough knowledge to make sure they are still getting a well-balanced Diets Stink with enough calories.


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